Volunteering with LDA Manitoba

“I like your beard. I wish I had one.” Then a little later, “I like the thing around your neck.” And later, “Jacob, that’s a neat name.”

The kid I was helping with word recognition was different than my usual one. We struck up a rapport that included a fist bump that went “Potatooooo FRENCH FRIES!” We laughed and focused on our yellow cards. What a great kid and great time!

Volunteering has always had a special place in my heart. My Dad was part of MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) back in the 80s, and the canning program as well as the MCC Sales were something I grew up with. People doing something for others simply to do was part of my Mennonite Brethern childhood. I helped launch a volunteer LAN party group for PC gaming back around 2000, and put some time in a 6th grade classroom around that time too.

Today I have less time than I did back then. But thanks to a very supportive partner, I have been able to set aside a little time to give to a non-profit. Last night at the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba was one of those treasured moments that goes into the memory banks for a lifetime. I can’t even begin to express how meaningful this sort of thing is, and how much inner wealth these moments bring. This is what life is all about. The best part about my volunteering these days is that my place of work has a program where they donate to a charity that I put in hours with. I am very happy to be part of the All Weather Windows team. All Weather also worked with Habitat for Humanity which I volunteered time with as well. I’ve never worked for a company that reaches out like this, and I hope that more moments like mine can be experienced by others. I want to say thank you to LDA Manitoba for the work they do, because it’s important stuff. Thank you to All Weather Windows for making programs like yours possible. Thank you to my partner for being so supportive, and thank you to the kid I was working with for just being you.

All Weather Windows

Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba

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