A magical evening

Both Arthur and I had a magical experience this evening.

I put him in his stroller and we went for a walk. I decided to go to the park that’s two blocks away. As I was pushing him around the playground area, one of the kids called out, “Caleb’s Dad!” “Hey man,” I responded. “How’s it going?” Thus began a whirlwind of positive energy and just being present. Five kids came and stood around Arthur. I introduced Arthur, and they wanted to play with him. I told them he can’t quite walk yet. Their solution was to take turns pushing him around in the stroller. One of the boys decided to demonstrate an armpit fart to Arthur. I followed suit, and just like that, every boy was serenading Arthur with an armpit fart symphony. Arthur was having a blast. Then they wanted to push him in the swing. Five kids, meaning four boys and one girl, lined up, taking turns pushing him in the baby swing. The kids were silly, happy and engaged. Then they began to fade away, each returning home, and at the end the girl was the last one. She held him for a bit and then she left. Arthur waved goodbye and she returned the wave.

I could break this down, analyze it and dissect it. But I’m not. I’m going to keep the synthesis as it is, as I really just wanted to share a magical moment. All I will say is this:

A.) Your reputation precedes yourself. Even today. Especially today.
B.) Treat children well. Be present and have fun. They notice.


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