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The summer edition of The Aquarian can be picked up at locations like the Millennium Library, Hollow Reed Holistic and the Forks.  It is also on The Aquarian’s website as a PDF right here.

I want to say thank you to Nicole Bennet and Kris Plantz of the Manitoba Earthship Build for their generosity and openness that made this article possible.  Thanks to the community who participated in the build, because without your hands there would be no Earthship.  And thank you to the Aquarian for believing in my article.

I learned a lot about building Earthships and off-the-grid, sustainable living and met wonderful, fascinating people.  It was quite amazing to see the growth from beginning to end.

I feel that a part of the adventure in life is sharing our discoveries.  A simpler, more responsible lifestyle is indeed possible, it’s just up to us to design.

This is part of how I father my sons.  I tell them I entered the world ahead of them, and have things to share.  Sharing is caring, and through this, we can co-create a more abundant future.  I guess this would be a cause for me.  I chose to be a journalist in this field because I want to see more of this in the world.  Be the change you want to see, right?

Right now I am thinking about doing a number of different interviews in this emerging field of ecologically friendly living, and of course, more writing on Earthships.

Edited July 17, 2015 for brevity.

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