Will Windows 10 install onto Asus T200TA?

I recently purchased the Asus T200TA. This is a tablet laptop hybrid that comes with 4GB of DDR, 64gb, MicroSD expansion, and a keyboard base with a space for a 2.5 inch hard drive. I don’t know which version of Windows 8.1, but I am lead to believe it is the professional version as it has bit locker on the drive.

Windows 10 is proving to be extremely difficult to install. Tiger Direct even advertises “Free Windows 10 Upgrade,” for my computer which is really just marketing because Windows 10 is free. To be fair, I purchased this on Amazon, not TigerDirect.

Windows 10 automatically downloaded, but I didn’t want to install it until I created a recovery disk of 8.1. So I bought a 16gb MicroSD chip and had windows do its thing. When I tried to delete the recovery partition, I discovered that it is secured. Windows 8.1 doesn’t show the delete option in Disk Management for it. When I use diskpart at the command prompt, it gives an error saying it cannot be deleted. So I start googling for T200TA support, and apparently this Asus computer is set up with windows system file links into the recovery partition.

This is a very unique way to set up Windows and after my experience of trying to install 10 I begin to wonder if I should bother trying to upgrade to Windows 10 at all.

When I told Windows 10 to start the install, it started the process, and after doing its spinning dots thing, the installer closed. I flushed the download and had it redownload and start again. That finished this morning.

I will update more when I get home. With a very unique way of linking system files into a recovery partition that doesn’t have a drive letter, I wonder if Windows 10 will figure it out.

Update: The following morning

After some more googling I have discovered that this device is secured with WIMboot. Currently, in order to upgrade it I need to wipe the existing operating system and restore to the Windows 8.1 operating system contained on my recovery chip. Once that is done, I need to make sure all drivers are installed and working and then I can upgrade to Windows 10.

This has become a project requiring a lot of work. While I would like to upgrade, I can’t spare the time right now. For now I can wait and hope Microsoft issues an update that lets this upgrade progress smoother.

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