A Vision of Communities

Quite a number of years ago already, perhaps as old as 2010 by now, I set an intent to let the universe take me on an adventure. I just followed my intuition and went wherever it took me. This particular time, I was led to the Forks here in Winnipeg. There, I found a display about the United Nation’s Culture of Peace. I wasn’t sure what to do there, other than grab a flyer. It was a bit of an anticlimactic ending, as I was unsure of the ending. I just knew with the flyer, that I had a piece of something. It was like a new gemstone uncovered, where just by looking at it I knew it was valuable, but wasn’t quite sure what the setting needed to be

That flyer made it into my ideas folder, where it stayed for quite a while. Then, when I made a new friend at Mondragon (which is another adventure on it’s own!) who really lifted me up, I brought it out, found a quote that had also appeared on my radar, and composed the document you see here. The Basic Postulation is my own writing. Everything else was written by someone else. It is an open vision, simply indicating and putting into words a possible shape. There is no mission statement, rather it is simply putting into form a hope, an ideal.

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