More Ecovillage Research

I’ve been doing research and reaching out again, setting up visits to ecovillages for my family.  There are a number of family farms here in Manitoba, and I’m in contact with one for a November visit.  I’m also looking for more ecovillages in Virginia, as we’ll be out there for holidays.  One that I’m looking at is simply called ‘EcoVillage.’  From what i can tell, they have a set up that let’s people continue working whatever jobs they are currently working.  They are cohousing and offer lots to buy and build on and a community to be part of.  Pretty cool!

Check out their websites:


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2 comments on “More Ecovillage Research
  1. Ryan Dean says:

    Hi, a group of us is looking into creating a seasonal summer (May to October) eco-village on some property past Kenora. The property, I am told, is at the back of a large acreage with a kids camp on the front portion next to a lake. Apparently they are going to be posting requests for proposals soon and we are hoping to find a small group to propose an intentional eco-village.

    Do you think that this process is something you would consider writing about or participating in? Thanks.

  2. Jacob says:

    Hi Ryan! That is exciting to hear about! I’d love to write about your process! I would have questions before I participate though. Let me know!

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