T200TA MicroSD port and Baytrail Issues

Ok, so I’ve run into my first real frustration with my hybrid computer.  Last night I received my 128gb Patriot chip from amazon.  I was excited to have a decent chip to work with, as a $10 256gb chip from China was a no go.  As soon as I got the chip installed with a virtual disk drive set up (I used the instructions here to turn the removable chip into a permanent drive), I ran CrystalDisk.  I was sorely disappointed to discover the difference between the two chips was negligible.

256GB No Name chip

256 GB Chip from China ($10)

128GB Patriot UHS-1

128GB Patriot UHS-1

After reviewing this thread on superuser.com, I discovered that the Intel Baytrail SoC (System on a Chip) Z37xx has issues with the MicroSD port.  Like, big enough issues that UHS-1 chips don’t work, and if they do, they are extremely slow (think 4+ hours to transfer 4GB.)  I’ve looked at firmware updates and nothing addresses the MicroSD.  One of the big challenges I run into is that of the 64gb chip built into the tablet, only about 20gb is available, and that’s not enough to install everything I want, or have my necessities from dropbox functional.  If I clear off the backup partition and install windows 10, I could free more space but that’s a weeks worth of messing around. I have discovered specific BIOS updates I have to do for that, as this computer uses WIMBoot, which I talked about in this post.

I had a 32GB chip that seemed to work just fine.  Perhaps it wasn’t UHS-1.  Unfortunately I don’t have CrystalDisk performance tests available for that.  I’m going to reinstall that so I have some usable space.

Internal 64GB chip

Internal 64GB chip

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