Summer 2017 Update

The lack of posts on this blog is a real testament to how busy I have been with my projects.

The Co-Creator is a newsletter I have been working on since about the time I last updated this blog. The first issue is available here. The launch party happened in May of 2017, and it brought together the intentional communities of Manitoba for conversations at Sam’s Place.  You can find photos and videos here.  Shortly after that I was on CKUW talking about the newsletter and the website.

I am hard at work on the Earthship issue, and it is coming along nicely.  I have interviews with Nicole Bennet of the Manitoba Earthship build, Sarah Plosker from the Rivers build, an article by Randy of the Aspen Root Passive House and an interview with Scotty ‘Econerds’ Davidson who played a big part in the Earthship builds in Manitoba.  We will have that available later this summer.

I have launched, and it is slowly growing. It is an exciting project that seeks to fill a gap in Manitoba for the creation of intentional communities.  I go into more detail on the vision and mission pages of that website.

I have a review of What the Internet is doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr forthcoming for the ecovillages website.  Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv is also coming down the chute.  There are more detailed blog posts coming as well.  I am finding myself up to my eyeballs in content, and am looking for people to start sharing this workload with.  If you happen to be a writer and want to help out with a cause that helps communicate ecologically friendly solutions to our current challenges, needs your help!  Email me here.

This coming October Justin Lecocq and I are presenting a workshop on ecovillages at The Gathering, the CCEDNet local social enterprise conference.  He will be talking about his project, Myriad Village.  I will be presenting a case study on Twin Oaks in Virginia.

I am also organizing an event that includes the showing of Findhorn’s A New Story film at the St. Norbert Arts Centre in December.

And as you can tell in the photo, I volunteered on the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Habitat for Humanity build this summer too.

Hopefully 2018 will be a little easier to breathe!

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