I’m a freelance journalist, writer, adventurer, mentor and Dad.  For most of my life I wrote fiction.  I have written poems, tales and stories that involve higher values and characters that cannot conquer their problems alone, but must reach out to others and learn to transcend.  Spiritual paths are often a theme, my ebook Bluebirds being a self-published example.  At some point in the future I want to write stories that combine rites of passage, Earthships and ecovillages that pass the parenting value test.  However, I feel that I need to put away fiction for a time and focus on journalism, networking and real world practicality. I need to learn about what I want to write about, and in the process I want to meet new people and help them share their stories.

My family and I are on an adventure to find a different way of life.  And when we are there, I want to share stories with the larger world about an ecovillage future.  After our visit to Twin Oaks, we know it is out there.

I draw a lot of inspiration from my family.  My Dad has put himself in service to a higher purpose his entire life, always applying his skill-sets for his community.  He has filmed documentaries on Hutterites and the Amish, bringing their different ways to a wider audience.  It goes without saying that my boys also spur me onwards and upwards.  The love I receive from my wife is a big propellant towards better things too.

I also draw inspiration from the work of Anodea Judith and her works on the chakras for healing.  Ms. Judith’s insightful merging of Western psychology with the chakras is a work I continually go back to.

I like Ashtanga yoga, Buddhist meditation and qi gong.  I enjoy Bagua Zhang as a martial art and am certified as Reiki Level 1.  Today I have a set amount of time for the wonderful things in these spheres, but I hope I can expand my time in them at some point in the future.

Sometimes I write reflections, other times I blog about the projects and adventures in my life.  If you want to see where my imagination goes when I’m all alone with a computer or pad of paper, check out my fiction, or buy a copy of my ebook.

Questions?  Contact me here.