I want to see a world in Oneness with the Universal Spirit.  I want to see the highest human potential cultivated in its culture, it’s rites of passage, it’s stories.

Subsequently, I want to create writing that shows different views, perspectives and stimulates thought and feeling.  Through this I want to see my creations through to lead to wider human understanding of each other, for hearts and minds to be balanced to their own unique tone in this Symphony of Creation.

I want to show new twists on old ideas, characters with texture, and different ways of approaching and dealing with conflict.  I want to show characters that transcend.

I want to see my self living and growing in community with others of like minds and hearts where we value diversity and different perspectives.  I want to share and live my values in the outer world.   I want to be the change I want to see.

I envision a world where through thoughtful and smart design and planning, the collection of resources pursuant to the necessities of life shifts from individual acquisition to communal sustainability, liberating individuals to their soul purpose.  Where the unfolding of humanity is allowed to proceed naturally and humans create space for healing, spontaneity, and the deepening of intuition.

I want the effects of my vision to help lay the foundations for a world that will stand the test of our planetary shift. I want to make wise use of the tools that have emerged to create these foundations.  For I want a world in which I can feel good and comfortable that my children and their children and their children’s children have a joyous future.

I will accomplish this through my mission.

My vision for a community future is also here.