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Visiting Virginia

For Christmas of 2015, Julia, Arthur and myself visited Grandma and Grandpa Buller in Virginia.  We were there for about 10 days, covering both Christmas and New Years.  We stayed in a suite in their basement that has been rented

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Beyond Earthships, Ecovillages

Earthships can transform single-family living, significantly reducing the costs and expenses.  Ecovillages take it a step farther, transforming communities and bringing the total cost of living down to near zero or below.

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Who will lead a new learning culture?

Image capture from Serenity (2005).

I contemplate about being a Dad in this post on the Aquarian website.  It’s very easy to sink into videogames and screen time with boys.  Thing is, I don’t want that for my youngest son.  I want him to be

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The Community Directory Kickstarter is the largest online directory of intentional communities and ecovillages on the internet. They have been around since 1987 and work to support communities everywhere. They run a magazine, a bookstore and more. This Christmas season, why not give

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Ploughshares Community Farm

A small community farm called Ploughshares lies just outside of Beausejour.  After a recent visit, my family and I came away refreshed to see how they are making sustainability work for them. The small homestead houses several families and a number of

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T200TA MicroSD port and Baytrail Issues

Ok, so I’ve run into my first real frustration with my hybrid computer.  Last night I received my 128gb Patriot chip from amazon.  I was excited to have a decent chip to work with, as a $10 256gb chip from

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More Ecovillage Research

I’ve been doing research and reaching out again, setting up visits to ecovillages for my family.  There are a number of family farms here in Manitoba, and I’m in contact with one for a November visit.  I’m also looking for

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Hearing Gratitude

I’ve been hard of hearing for as long as I can remember.  I’m pretty sure I was born with it, and it has impacted my life in more ways than I can count.  My parents thought I was just inattentive,

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Work to be doing?

Lately I’ve been putting a lot of time on the website.  Some new content was written for it, and lots of general development.  I have started preliminary work on its launch party, due in 2017.   I have also

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Permaculture Earthworks in Manitoba

About two weeks ago I became aware of a farm not too far from Gimli that has employed permaculture in designing their landscape.  A friend took me to visit it, and I was really excited to see what I saw. Using bulldozers

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