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Overnight at Northern Sun

This past weekend the family had an opportunity to stay overnight at Northern Sun Farm, an off-grid ecovillage here in Manitoba.  It was a perfect get away and offered some much needed downtime after several very intense weeks. We met

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Manitoba EcoJournal: Northern Sun Farm Ecovillage

I recently interviewed Gerhard Decker about the Northern Sun Farm Coop ecovillage.  This interview, together with photos of Northern Sun Farm, can be found in the Spring edition of the Manitoba EcoNetwork EcoJournal.  He talks about what it’s like living

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Cambia Ecovillage

While visiting Twin Oaks, we were introduced to a new ecovillage in the area.  At Cambia, a giant tricycle greeted us at the driveway.  Around the side of the house stood a huge treehouse with multiple entrances and a slide. This was clearly a home for

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Ploughshares Community Farm

A small community farm called Ploughshares lies just outside of Beausejour.  After a recent visit, my family and I came away refreshed to see how they are making sustainability work for them. The small homestead houses several families and a number of

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A Visit to Northern Sun Farm Coop Ecovillage

Established back in the early 80s, Northern Sun Farm is a farm coop here in Manitoba just outside of Steinbach. People there live light on the land and very simply. It’s a dream for the hard core off-the-grid enthusiast, and

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Rooted Together: Twin Oaks Ecovillage

Our arrival at Twin Oaks coincided with the arrival with someone else.  I want to share this because it’s a great example of what not to do when visiting an established ecovillage.  The host I had been in contact with

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Seed of the Oaks: Acorn Ecovillage

In December of 2014, my family went to Virginia for Christmas.  While we were there we visited both the Twin Oaks and Acorn intentional communities. The original intent had been to just visit Twin Oaks.  But when we got there,

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Journey to the Center of BC

In June of 2013 my lovely woman and I packed our bags and ventured out to the wilderness of British Columbia.  With GPS’ in hand and the wind at our backs, we stepped off the road and onto a less

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