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Trains and Treasures

Do your little ones like trains?  There’s a new business open on Ness near Sturgeon called Trains and Treasures that has an indoor train ride for kids.  At only $5 per ride, it’s an affordable weekend activity for the under-6

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NatureSummit, a retreat for educators

NatureSummit is a retreat for educators to learn about and get ideas for helping children feel a sense of wonder outdoors. Occuring every two years, it is scheduled for September 16-18, 2016 at Camp Manitou. I’m excited to mention that

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Visiting Virginia

For Christmas of 2015, Julia, Arthur and myself visited Grandma and Grandpa Buller in Virginia.  We were there for about 10 days, covering both Christmas and New Years.  We stayed in a suite in their basement that has been rented

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Who will lead a new learning culture?

Image capture from Serenity (2005).

I contemplate about being a Dad in this post on the Aquarian website.  It’s very easy to sink into videogames and screen time with boys.  Thing is, I don’t want that for my youngest son.  I want him to be

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Hearing Gratitude

I’ve been hard of hearing for as long as I can remember.  I’m pretty sure I was born with it, and it has impacted my life in more ways than I can count.  My parents thought I was just inattentive,

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A Vision of Communities

Quite a number of years ago already, perhaps as old as 2010 by now, I set an intent to let the universe take me on an adventure. I just followed my intuition and went wherever it took me. This particular

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A magical evening

Both Arthur and I had a magical experience this evening. I put him in his stroller and we went for a walk. I decided to go to the park that’s two blocks away. As I was pushing him around the

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Volunteering with LDA Manitoba

“I like your beard. I wish I had one.” Then a little later, “I like the thing around your neck.” And later, “Jacob, that’s a neat name.” The kid I was helping with word recognition was different than my usual

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Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

A couple weeks ago I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity.  Volunteer work is familiar to me, but it had been a while since my last experience. Habitat for Humanity reminded me in a wonderful way just how fulfilling and meaningful

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To my son

To my son, If there is any bit of advice I can give you, it is this:don’t worry about what it means to be a man.  Be you.  Don’t buy into what the world wants you to.  IPods, video games,

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