(c) by H Jacob Buller

In this river of life we tumble through waters that are murky, cloudy, sometimes clear, but usually we can’t see much farther than our outstretched hands. The current pushes us along whether we want it to or not. Disorientation and confusion are expected as most of the time, we don’t know which way is up.

Pollution and dead things fill this river, excrement is common to bounce off of, but usually these waters can cleanse as well as they dirty.

You don’t know what’s around the next bend, and whether or not the current will shift and you’ll get pounded into the mud on the bank and be stuck for a while, or if you’ll be able to ride the middle and stay cool.

In this hazy world where everything is rushing by, every once in a while out of the blue comes a welcome surprise. If it’s something that you haven’t seen before in this deep river, maybe it warrants inspection, and on a second look, you realize that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced before. You want to hold on to it, but the forces of this river are as unpredictable as the course. Hollow bubbles can rise and force separation. You can try to hang on, but you’ll be buffeted and bashed by the relentless current. Regardless, sometimes the bruises are worth it, for the world heals itself and eventually pollution dissipates.

The only sure thing we know is that someday this turbulent river is going to come to an end.

Sometimes, if you’re careful and keep your eyes on the reflections of the sun on the surface, you can maintain a sense of which direction is up. For even in the muddiest tributary there’s a hidden current of fresh, clear water. Sometimes you may find what you have lost here. Sometimes you may find hidden pockets of air where you can breathe. And sometimes it’s so clear we can start to make out the silhouettes and shadows from the world outside.

This river slowly widens with age, until it becomes a sea. The black, inky depths of this salty, bitter ocean of humanity have the most volume, and it’s easy enough to be channeled there. Navigation is difficult in the sea, since channels run deeper, and the tides come and go with the phases of the moon.

Follow your channels as best you can, keep moving, because if you stop you’ll sink. For in this blue world, when things come to rest, it’s best to be where the white sand ripples close to the surface, and the water is the clear aquamarine of dreams.