I gotta give credit where it’s due, because no project is done alone.

First of all, thank you to my lovely partner Julia for putting up with me and also believing in me when I was down. Your love is like no other. My son Caleb for his inspiration and love. My son Arthur for the promise and love he brings to this world. My parents for being the supportive and wonderful people they are.

Jabez Wray of Studio 520 for the awesome photography. Neighborhood Bookstore and Cafe for putting my booklet ‘Bluebirds’ in their store. The Winnipeg Art Gallery for allowing me to read my work at their Open Mic session. Mondragon for running an open mic session where I could come and share. The Millennium Library for also running open mic sessions where I could share. The Manitoba Writers Guild for the community, events and resources. The Writers Collective for their community, events and resources. Boom Festival in Portugal for showing me just how amazing and transformative a European psytrance show can be for the spirit.  And of course, to all the friends that I have encountered over the years. Thank you for the friendship, good times and connections we have shared.  You make life worth living.