An Earthship Article

I had been visiting the Earthship off and on since close to when it began.  It was a fascinating project, and I really liked the premise.  It was smart, it was green and it was a lot of work.   Nicole and Kris were dedicated and great people to converse with.  Towards the end of 2013, I realized I wanted to write an article about it, or conduct an interview.  The Earthship was a great cause that I believed in.

I chatted with Nicole about it, and she was really cool about an article.  I composed the different aspects of my project using Trello.  Using Google Documents, I wrote a series of questions and shared it.  Google documents made the interview process a lot easier, as it did not require us to actually be conversing directly with each other, but allowed us to do it on our own time.

My first piece was a 2700 word monster.  With that complete, I began looking for publishers.  I talked to The Aquarian newspaper, and they were very interested.  They helped a lot and I did lots of edits.  I gave them photos, captions and a couple blog posts to go with it.