I’m going to let the Vision Statement from this website do the describing. aims to help facilitate the creation of and provide extensive resources to helping plant, grow and tend to cocreative intentional communities (ecovillages), rural, urban or otherwise. We want to help open minds to the potential of a slower pace of life, to support parents who are ready to start making changes and provide practical, longer-term real-world solutions to a rapidly changing world.

We want to see a strong, vibrant community of urban and rural intentional communities, ecovillages and multi-family small farms fostered in Manitoba. We envision a near-future where this interrelated network is self-sufficient and growing. The net goal of this is to help grow and tend to the tender shoots sprouting from the human family. This website will help foster this by being an information portal to the communities, helping them share their news, crafts, events and more.

Mission Statement

If you like what you see, we are looking for more people to help out on the team.  Email me directly if you are interested in helping.


Tools used:

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    • Genesis Framework
  • Trello
  • Google Documents