Overnight at Northern Sun

This past weekend the family had an opportunity to stay overnight at Northern Sun Farm, an off-grid ecovillage here in Manitoba.  It was a perfect get away and offered some much needed downtime after several very intense weeks. We met

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Summer 2017 Update

The lack of posts on this blog is a real testament to how busy I have been with my projects. The Co-Creator is a newsletter I have been working on since about the time I last updated this blog. The

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Collective Evolution

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Wildcraft: An Herbal Adventure Game

A board game to help kids get to know their natural environment and make it fun?  Take my money!  As a parent interested in ways of getting  my kid to really enjoy outdoors and nature, this is something I can

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Manitoba EcoJournal: Northern Sun Farm Ecovillage

I recently interviewed Gerhard Decker about the Northern Sun Farm Coop ecovillage.  This interview, together with photos of Northern Sun Farm, can be found in the Spring edition of the Manitoba EcoNetwork EcoJournal.  He talks about what it’s like living

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Cambia Ecovillage

While visiting Twin Oaks, we were introduced to a new ecovillage in the area.  At Cambia, a giant tricycle greeted us at the driveway.  Around the side of the house stood a huge treehouse with multiple entrances and a slide. This was clearly a home for

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Trains and Treasures

Do your little ones like trains?  There’s a new business open on Ness near Sturgeon called Trains and Treasures that has an indoor train ride for kids.  At only $5 per ride, it’s an affordable weekend activity for the under-6

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Upcoming Workshops

Starting in Spring 2016, I will begin running workshops and lectures where attendees can learn more about ecovillages.  We will be talking about the ideas and values that bring people to create community that is closer to nature, what goes into

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A Brief Update

More updates are coming that include another post on Twin Oaks as well as a new ecovillage startup in Virginia called Cambia.  I also have talks in the works for people who want to learn more about ecovillages.  You will

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NatureSummit, a retreat for educators

NatureSummit is a retreat for educators to learn about and get ideas for helping children feel a sense of wonder outdoors. Occuring every two years, it is scheduled for September 16-18, 2016 at Camp Manitou. I’m excited to mention that

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